Helping People Thrive.

Helping People Thrive.

Helping People Thrive.Helping People Thrive.Helping People Thrive.

Empowering People Economically. Addressing Systemic Issues. 


Our Passion & Approach



Want to unleash your time, talent and resources to be transformational but are concerned about results not meeting expectations? Concerned that people in targeted nations and communities are languishing…  that perhaps current deployment strategies are not helping them truly thrive and flourish?

We are here to change the status quo.


Our Approach

For people to thrive they must have money in their pockets.  Earned from work. They will use it to help their families and communities thrive. As it ripples through the economy, more will flourish. All can thrive. 

We make impact investments in strategic businesses that create jobs, increase the production of goods and services, create profits, and empowers all to fulfill their dreams. 

We also recognize that there are systemic reasons some countries and regions are struggling, so we work with leaders to empower them to identify, prioritize and address issues that keep their people, communities, and nations from thriving. 

Our main focus is the USA, Africa, and Central Asia.



As 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we enable individuals, family offices, foundations, individuals and businesses to deploy their funds with and through us to achieve great impact. Many will be able to make direct grants, program-related investments, or straight investments into the impact fund. 

We are a companion organization to that has the same mission, but that channels true impact investment funds. 

Tax-deductible contributions into SDI will not only cover the cost of the philanthropic advisory components such as working with leaders but as needed also provide seed capital for risk-sensitive startups. We accept gifts of real estate and appreciated securities.

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We would love to discuss with you how you can become involved! Please provide some information below and we will be in touch!

Strategic Development International

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